DIY Arduino based mini CNC machine new design

Hello friends, this i a new design CNC machine with overlap
axis this is very simple to build
all the rest software are same as privious CNC machine

Complete tutorial :-

# Wie man arduino basierte CNC-Maschine zu Hause
# hoe Arduino te maken op basis van CNC machine thuis
# 自宅でarduinoベースのcncマシンを作る方法
# come rendere Arduino basato macchina CNC a casa
# как сделать Arduino на основе станков с ЧПУ на дому

Download link of code.

How to make Arduino mini CNC plotter machine

Watch original CNC machine

Watch this to know how to add G-code extension in Inkscape

Direct Links to buy components
For arduino UNO

L293D Motor shield

Mini Servo motor

Watch this video to see how to make G-code…

FB page :-

My Gears :-

Camera :-

Video Light :-

Mic :-

Soldering Kit :-

Screw driver set :-

Rotary tool :-

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